Who is Brooke House Fruits, and what do we do?

Brooke House Fruits is an experienced expert at the cultivation, processing, preservation, as well as distribution of top-quality fresh produce in the form of fruits and vegetables of all sorts and origins. Over the numerous years that Brooke House Fruits have been in existence, we have managed to develop a large array of partners and suppliers worldwide.

Brooke House Fruits
Brooke House Fruits

"The pearls of good health & longevity are hidden in what nature has given us" - Unknown

Brooke House Fruits is...


We employ the most professional methods to bring you the best fresh produce.


We are genuinely keen to bring you good quality because we love what we do.


Brooke House Fruits is registered with all relevant authorities in South Africa


We are affiliated to and work closely with all major industry bodies with SA.


Our pricing is always reasonable and accurate. We're also constantly stocked.


We work closely with you to conclude purchases and we ensure it reaches your doorstep

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