This is an ordinary float glass with a metallic coating to reduce solar heat. This special metallic coating also produces a mirror effect, preventing the subject from seeing through the glass. It is mainly used in façades. Production Pyrolitic (On-Line): in this process, semi-conducted metal oxides are directly applied to the glass during the float glass production while the glass is still hot in the annealing lehr. These are hard coatings which are relatively harmful to the environment. Vacuum (magnetron) Process (off-line):in this process one or more coats of metal oxide are applied under a vacuum to finished glass. The coatings applied by this technique are soft and must be protected against external influences and are therefore used for the interior side of glass panes. There are some other techniques for the OFF-LINE coating.

Immersion Process Chemical Process

CVD technology (chemical vapor deposition) that creates a perfect uniform layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the glass.

Foil Screened Glazing

Reflective glass is glass which has been treated with a metallic coating which allows the glass to reflect heat. It is not reflective in the sense that it acts as a mirror, although some reflective glass products do indeed have a highly reflective surface, but rather in the sense that it reflects radiation, rather than absorbing it. This type of glass is used in environmentally friendly construction with the goal of reducing heat gain and loss, making structures much cheaper to heat and cool over the course of the year.
Reflective Glass is available in a range of performances to meet most environmental requirements in terms of solar control, thermal comfort and energy conservation. It is an exterior glass which is manufactured to meet the most exacting standards in order to deliver high performance with ease in processing.

  • Solar Control: This glass reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.
  • Superior Visual Comfort: Reflects away the right quantum of daylight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light.
  • Superior durability: High wear and superior scratch resistance.
  • Ease in processing: It can be processed like normal float glass.


Reflective Glass is suitable for most types of facade glazing in buildings. It is used widely in small/ large areas where reduction of solar heat is required to keep the interiors cool. Its attractive appearance also enhances the interior of a building.

  • Offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Industrial buildings
  • Apartment blocks


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