Silver Coated Mirror is produced through a trinal processing work by coating a silver film, a copper film, and two layers of waterproof paints on the surface of glass. High quality clear float and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality.

This improved manufacturing process also improves the optical quality of the product and significantly increases its longevity through a better resistance to corrosion.

Silver Mirror is available in clear and a wide range of colors. Compared to conventional mirror, it offers excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.


  • High reflective, true image reflectance with virtually no distortion
  • High optical quality and durability.
  • The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and life like image.
  • The plating layer is rigid and bond and the protective layer impregnable with good erosion-resistance.
  • Easy to be cut, drilled, or beveled, could be made into wall mirror, decorative mirror, safety mirror, furniture mirror etc.
  • We also offer copper free mirror and safety mirror.


Thanks to its ability to capture and reflect light, our Silver Mirror increases the feeling of space and enhances interiors.

  • Wardrobe door mirrors
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Furniture applications
  • Projection screens
  • Decorative walls
  • Ceiling and pillar covers
  • Anytime you want a mirror offering sharp, beautiful reflectance and uncompromising durability


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