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Brooke House is a reputable Holding Company that owns and manages 3 closely related commercial entities, namely: Brooke House Flowers, Brooke House Fruits, as well as Brooke House Glass. This substantial establishment was founded more than 20 years ago in the Republic of South Africa and has since then enjoyed exponential growth that has seen it expand its geographical footprint globally.

Our commitment to excellence and consistency in all our operations has enables us to build a great reputation as well as a disparate consumer base as far out as the North America and the Far East. Brooke House does not only seek to satisfy loft expectations but to ostensibly surpass them and impress all of our stakeholders.

Brooke House Subsidiaries

Below are the 3 subsidiaries that comprise Brooke House, they are Brooke House Flowers, Brooke House Fruits, and Brooke House Glass.

Brooke House Flowers

Brooke House Flowers are a flourishing florist business dealing in the imports and exports of a highly diverse variety of flowers and closely-related products from all over the world.
Brooke House Flowers particularly has extensive experience in dealing with both small and large-scale consumers with equal precision and dedication. [Visit Full Site]

Brooke House Fruits

Brooke House Fruits are experienced experts at the cultivation, processing, preservation, as well as distribution of top-quality fresh produce in the form of fruits and vegetables of all sorts and origins. Over the numerous years that Brooke House Fruits have been in existence, we have managed to develop a large array of partners and suppliers worldwide. This enables us the unique advantage of bringing you the very best that Mother Nature has to offer us. [Visit Full Site]

Brooke House Glass

Brooke House Glass are renowned specialists at the manufacturing and delivery of high-quality flat-glass products throughout the Republic of South Africa. Brooke House Glass makes use of the finest raw materials from the best suppliers globally in order to ensure outstanding quality at all times. Brooke House Glass has accumulated a remarkable reputation as a producer of outstanding flat glass for application of all sorts. [Visit Full Site]

Brooke House Values

At Brooke House we pride ourselves on always being ethical and conducting ourselves with integrity at all times. These are the values that define our corporate outlook:


You can trust Brooke house to always stay true to it’s values and stated mandate regardless of how big or small the project at hand is.


Brooke House ensures that al products are completed and handed over on time and on location.


We at Brooke House will never compromise on quality. All our products are created with absolute dedication and precision to ensure optimal quality rest assured!


Our approach to communication is outgoing and easily accessible. Brooke House having an expansive presence as we do ensures that we are always attentive to your every need and ready to respond promptly.


Brooke House treats each of its customers as individuals and as such we tailor our prices around the expectations and financial capabilities of our patrons; ensuring affordability at all times.

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Brooke House is committed to open and effective communications with all stakeholders as well as prospective customers. Get in touch with us and let’s communicate.

Brooke House Fruits CONTACT DETAILS
Physical Address
38 kruger Road, Midrand,
Johannesburg, South Africa, 1686
Postal Address
P.O. Box 651198, Benmore,
Johannesburg, 2010,
South Africa
Phone Numbers:
+27 010 500 8233 / +27 82 569 5936
Fax Number:
+27 86 508 8242

Brooke House Fruits CONTACT DETAILS
Physical Address
653 Kimball Avenue, Yonkers,
New York, USA, 10704
Phone Number:
+1 305 420 5871

Online Addresses: